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Tuesday 31th July

Today’s stars: Cloud, Hackers, Big Data, Twitter, Apple v Samsung Today’s sources: Computer Weekly, Computer World, ZDNet, The Guardian Advertisements

Monday 30th July

Today’s stars: NFC, Olympics, Google, Berners-Lee Today’s sources: The Inquirer, CIO, Computing

Friday 27th July

Today’s stars: Samsung/Apple, Smartphones, NatWest, Nationwide, Today’s sources: ZDNet, Finextra, Information Age, The Guardian

Thursday 26th July

Today’s stars: Black Hat, London 3G restrictions, AccessData Today’s sources: SC Magazine, ZDNet, Information Age, ComputerWorld, CBR

Wednesday 25th July

Today’s stars: Black Hat, 4G, Google, Apple, EC Today’s sources: SC Magazine, Microscope, ZDNet, The Guardian, ComputerWeekly

Tuesday 24th July

Today’s stars: UK Payments Council, Cloud security, Apple, Mobile Enterprise, Samsung, NFC payments, Spam Today’s sources: Finextra, Microscope, ZDNet, The Guardian, ComputerWeekly, CIO, ComputerWorld, CBR, Internet Retailing

Monday 23rd July

Today’s stars: Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, FNB, Facebook Banking, Black Hat Today’s sources: Microscope, ZDNet, Finextra, ComputerWeekly, CIO

Friday 20th July

Today’s stars: Open-source, Nokia, mobile banking, California, KPMG Today’s sources: The Guardian, ZDNet, CBR, ComputerWorld, ComputerWeekly

Thursday 19th July

Today’s stars: M-commerce, Compliance, BYOD, Apple v Samsung Today’s sources: ComputerWeekly, ZDNet, The Guardian

Wednesday 18th July

Today’s stars: Experian, PayPal, BYOD, Good Technology, Motorola, Intelligence and Security Committee Today’s sources: ComputerWeekly, CIO, ComputerWorld, The Inquirer, ZDNet, Information Age, The Guardian