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Thursday 31st May

Today’s stars: Facebook, NFC payments, Virtual Shop WIndow, Open Source, BYOD Today’s sources: The Guardian, The Paypers, Computing, Internet Retailing, TechWeek, ComputerWeekly, CIO Advertisements

Wednesday 30th May

Today’s stars: Mobile Payments, Google Apps, Facebook, 4G, E-Borders, Big Data Today’s sources: ZDNet, The Guardian, CBR, CIO, The Paypers, Internet Retailing, TechWeek, The Inquirer, The Register

Tuesday 29th May

Today’s stars: Windows XP, NFC payment , Facebook IPO, Open Source, BYOD, Cloud, Groupon Today’s sources: ZDNet, Finextra, The Guardian, The Paypers, TechWeek, Information Age, The Register, CRN

Monday 28th May

Today’s stars: G-Cloud, NASA, SpaceX, Axis Today’s sources: ZDNet, ComputerWeekly, Computer World, CBR, TechWeek

Friday 25th May

Today’s stars: Cloud Code, BYOD, NHS 24, London R&D testbed, Government IT Today’s sources: TechWeek, Computing Weekly, CRB, ZDNet

Thursday 24th May

Today’s stars: BYOD, Google, TFL, Android, Facebook Today’s sources: TechWeek, ZDNet, The Guardian, Internet Retailing, Computer World

Wednesday 23rd May

Today’s stars: EMC World, Ponemon Institute, Google & Motorola, Facebook IPO Today’s sources: TechWeek, Computer Weekly, ZDNet, The Guardian

Tuesday 22nd May

Today’s stars: IBM, Google, Facebook, EU cookie law Today’s sources: The Register, The Guardian, Computing

Monday 21st May

Today’s stars: Olympic IT, CloudStore, Nasdaq, Websense Today’s sources: TechWeek, ZDNet, Computer Weekly

Friday 18th May

Today’s stars: Google, Gartner, iZettle, Mobile payment, Tablets, 4G Today’s sources: ZDNet, MicroScope, Information Age, CIO, CBR, Computer Weekly