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Thursday 22nd March

Today’s stars: Verizon, Anonymous, Trend Micro, Johnston Press Today’s sources: V3, Computing, The Guardian, ComputerWeekly Advertisements

Wednesday 21st March

Today’s stars: Symantec, Alipay, iPad, Fujitsu Today’s sources: Computing, The Paypers, The Guardian, ComputerWeekly

Tuesday 20th March

Today’s stars: Apple, G20, Sony Mobile, Microsoft Today’s sources: The Guardian, CRN, ComputerWeekly, Marketing Week

Monday 12th March

Today’s stars: Conficker, Infonetics, iPad, Ernst & Young Today’s sources: CRN, ComputerWeekly, V3, Computing

Friday 9th March

Today’s stars: British Pregnancy Advisory Service, Google Chrome, Google Play, Sophos Today’s sources: The Guardian, ComputerWeekly, Marketing Week, V3

Wednesday 7th March

Today’s stars: LulzSec, BYOD, SAP, Skype Today’s sources: The Guardian, CRN, V3, Marketing Week

Tuesday 6th March

Today’s stars: Raspberry Pi, D-Link, Strategy Analytics Today’s sources: The Guardian, CRN, ComputerWeekly