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Friday 23rd December

Today’s stars: Apple, Nokia, Sage, Symbian Today’s sources: V3, IT Pro, New Media Age, Guardian Advertisements

Thursday 22th December

Today’s stars: Facebook, Oracle, AOL, Verizon, Twitter, Textsecure, Android Today’s sources: IT Pro, V3, Techradar, Techweek, Microscope, Marketing Week

Wednesday 21st December

Today’s stars: Hillingdon Council, Google Apps, Phones 4U, Microsoft, Motorola Android Today’s sources: Computing, Marketing Week, The Guardian, TechWeek

Tuesday 20th December

Today’s stars: Twitter, Seagate, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Skype, Sophos, Android, BlackBerry, Apple Today’s sources: IT Pro, V3, Techradar, TechWeek, ComputerWorld

Monday 19th December

Today’s stars: BT, Facebook, Twitter, Nokia, Cisco, Google, VISA Today’s sources: Computing, Internet Retailing, FT, The Guardian, TechWeek, Marketing Week, IT Pro

Friday 16th December

Today’s stars: RIM, BlackBerry, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Logica, Kindle, Samsung Today’s sources: V3, IT Pro, Computerworld, Techweek Europe, Marketing Week

Thursday 15th December

Today’s stars: Intel, Microsoft, Apple, SkyDrive, Alfresco, BlackBerry, Chartered Institute of Marketing Today’s sources: Marketing Week, CRN, V3, The Register, Computerworld

Wednesday 14th December

Today’s stars: Carrier IQ, Intel, HTC, Apple, Google, Android Today’s sources: IT Pro, Computerworld, V3, The Guardian, CRN, eWeek

Monday 12th December

Today’s stars: SAP, SuccessFactors, NHS, BT, Spamina, HP, Microsoft Today’s sources: Total Telecom, The Register, ComputerWeekly, IT Pro, V3, CRN

Friday 9th December

Today’s stars: Twitter, BT, Orange, Cisco. IBM, BlackBerry, Apple, Demandtec Today’s sources: V3, ComputerWorld, Techradar, IT Pro, The Guardian