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Wednesday 31st August

Today’s stars: Facebook, Bitdefender, Gartner – Today’s sources: Techradar, Microscope, V3, CRN, Total Telecom Advertisements

Tuesday 30th August

Today’s stars: Cisco, Samsung, Google, NetApp Today’s sources: Microscope, ComputerWorld, Total Telecom, The Register, eWeek Europe

Friday 26th August

Today’s stars: Google, Acer, Blackberry, Twitter, Facebook Today’s sources: The Register, Computer Weekly, CRN, eWeek Europe

Thursday 25th August

Today’s stars: Apple, O2, HP, Facebook, Twitter, Ofcom Today’s sources: Computing, IT Pro, Computer Weekly, MicroScope, Guardian

Wednesday 24th August

Today’s stars: Cisco, HP, Qualcomm, Drobo, McAfee, Android, Apple Today’s sources: The Register, IT Pro, V3, Computer Weekly, CRN, Total Telecom

Tuesday 23rd August

Today’s stars: Microsoft, HP, Vodafone, Apple, Skype, NHS Today’s sources: The Register, CRN, Total Telecom, IT PRO, Marketing Magazine

Monday 22nd August

Today’s stars: Microsoft, HP, Google, Salesforce.com Today’s sources: The Register, Total Telecom, CRN, eWeek Europe, B2B Marketing

Friday 19th August

Today’s stars:  Alfresco, NETGEAR, HP, Google, TechData, SoftCat Today’s sources:  Techradar, V3, Independent, Computing

Thursday 18th August

Today’s stars: Google, Motorola, IMRG, Facebook, Apple and Samsung. Today’s sources: IT Pro, V3, Stephen Pritchard, Guardian, eWeek IT Pro: Google: Hello Moto, Stephen Pritchard Inside the Enterprise: Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility may be about patents, but businesses will want to see a business Android phone. V3: Hackers hit BART police database in latest … Continue reading

Wednesday 17th August

The Register, BBC explains ‘All your Twitter pics belong to us’ gaffe. Property is theft, man. So we’re taking yours, Andrew Orlowski  Analysis There are some subjects on which giant media companies need to be ultra tippy-toe cautious. When, say, the majority owner of a satellite broadcaster uses its newspapers to lobby for a change in the law, we should … Continue reading